Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hot Dog and Hot Duck

Hot Duck and Hot Dog. 

I bought these last Christmas for my girls to give each other in an incredibly contrived gift exchange.

They are cuddly toys with some sort of stuff inside that you can heat up in a microwave. Hence why these are called Hot Dog and Hot Duck.

Living in the country it's colder here, sooner and for longer than in the city. Plus I keep the heating right down, because I'm mean like that. So Hot Dog and Hot Duck make a nice companion at bedtime, or on cold early morning car journeys; my youngest has even been known to take it with her in the front of my bike. They feel like bean bags so are actually pretty tactile. I am not a cuddly toy person but have even been known to treat these quite well.

You chuck them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and bingo. I got mine from a large organisation which is now being investigated for tax reasons, but you can get these anywhere. Perhaps even support your local shop...Mine cost under a tenner each and are made by Intelex and the range is called 'Cozy Plush' (sic).


Claire said...

we have hot dinosaur here! he is lovely

Annalisa Barbieri said...

Ooh do you? I love them.

Anonymous said...

jook- so i admit it...i have a hot elephant! My mum bought it for me aged 40 (me not my mum) and they are still good for cold nights and when you are feeling as if you have a cold coming. mine smells wonderfully of lavender...i will look up the make.
i am now a trainee ringside expert as well so i think its time i prompted you on a duvet blog too!

Annalisa Barbieri said...

Okay Anonymous. I know who you are and wonder if you have predictive text on! I think you mean Ringsted Dun expert rather than ringside expert!

I just bought a hot bunny for myself. The shame.