Sunday, 8 April 2012

Willie's Delectable Cacao Single Squares

Happy Easter. This is what I got today instead of an Easter egg. I really love plain chocolate, preferable 70% cocoa one, for a real punch.

You can get these Single Squares from Waitrose and they cost from £1.80. Not cheap (they weigh 50g) but the chocolate is excellent; I much prefer it to Green and Black's dark chocolate which I find bitter. And I'd rather have a hit of really good chocolate than lots of cheap, sugar-filled stuff.

The ones I got - you can see them above - were hazelnut and raisin, ginger and lime and luscious orange. They are all delicious. There are others that are just chocolate: milk, plain or white.

I haven't managed to ascertain what the fairtrade credentials, if any, are (I do try to buy fairtrade wherever possible). But you can read more about Willie's chocolate  here.


pierre l said...

Thank you for the recommendation. I shall be off to my local Waitrose first thing tomorrow.

Annalisa Barbieri said...

You're welcome. Let me know which one you get..I'm keen to try the milk one actually as it's the highest cocoa content milk chocolate I've ever seen. If memory serves me rightly it's over 40%. And the white chocolate one is meant to be unlike any other white chocolate made in that sugar isn't the first ingredient. Au fait, any chocolate where sugar is the first ingredient doesn't get bought by me (okay, only sometimes).