Thursday, 24 January 2013

What to cook tonight: chorizo and gnocchi

The picture in Easy Living
My version. This is why professional photographers are used.

Gnocchi - aka potato dumplings - are big in northern Italy. My paternal grandmother, from Parma, used to make them and I would help her by swooshing them along the prongs of a fork, which is how you get the pattern on them if you make them at home. She made it look so easy so of course I thought it was easy.

It isn't. I don't try to make them now as it's so dependent on things like ambient temperature, how much water the potatoes take up. Well that's how I've found it anyway. Hard and with unpredictable results. So gnocchi is not something I try to make.

I got the recipe from Easy Living magazine. It's here.

I used Del'Ugo fresh gnocchetti * - only 350g instead of the 500g asked for which I thought was a bit TOO MUCH. I would also, next time, add a third courgette if you're making it for three people. At first the julienned courgette looked like lots, but it renders down nicely and I like my veg.

This dish is so easy but so delicious. I thoroughly recommend it.

*It's been pointed out to me that these particular gnocchetti don't contain potato but wheat! So be careful in case this matters to you. I bought them cos they had a higher than average protein content.

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