Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Snowglobe Christmas cards

£4 from Paperchase

I saw these today in Paperchase. They are lovely. They slide flat so you can post them but spring up to be a 'snowglobe'. There are various designs, from a fairly minimalist snowflake, Christmas trees, this one (Christmas in the Country, got it for my eldest as she'll love the detail), a Santa and of course a nativity scene (that IS what it's about, despite what Coca Cola would tell us).

Not cheap at £4 but my eldest and I make all our other cards, so it's nice for her to have something from her folks that she's not expecting. Last year we bought each other laser cut wooden Christmas decoration cards from Igloo which were beautiful. (Not sold on the website but if you have a branch  near you see if they do them again this  year.)

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